Sunday, December 7, 2014


tis the season to have many projects in the works and even more in my head. i’m close enough to christmas to realize all those great handmade gifts in my queue that i really want to make for gifts are not going to be finished let alone started by christmas morning.
  knitting and chai on sundays at me oh my pies is where 2 busy elf s have been knitting away on soon to be gifted items for special people.
though i must admit between gift making and getting my house in order (clean) for holiday guest, i needed a break. what better way to take a break than a morning trip to a small mountain town having a christmas festival, food for the soul! driving up the long winding road through the narrow canyon, the higher in elevation and further from town the quietness consumes and calms every fiber in me. 
arriving at the end of the road i pull into a field to park, ( good thing i drove the truck) sit and take in the site. this is as close to an an “old fashion”  live christmas scene i have ever had the privilege to view. people bustling around bringing in their goods to show, beautiful food baskets lined up for auction, fresh, just the right size christmas trees lined against the fence, hand crafted real pine wreathes, a mountain bbq that smells like heaven and so many more crafted treasures for sale. all this takes place at the one room mountain school in stove prairie. {actually the school has been expanded to a four room school}.   the people, these are local people from stove prairie, talking and joking with their neighbors, greeting us townies to the is a story book wonderment.
but i did have to get down the canyon road, mr.p and i had to get to the city {denver} for a christmas office party. two different worlds in one day, a small community with out even a stop sign to grid lock driving into the city from 30 miles out. we did have a miracle in the city...we got a parking spot in front of the restaurant, dead in front of the restaurant. we parked, got out of the car and checked all around for  a red curb, signs saying no parking, even asking “can we park here?”, but it was true, we were legally parked. i knew that magic christmas mountain community spirit traveled to denver with us!
i have a sweater i plan on starting early on the morning of dec.25th. i rarely use the yarn the pattern calls for but this time i ordered as the pattern instructed, even the same color way.
i am over the moon with madder patterns. take a look at the shop and blog, i know she will touch a knitting fiber in you too


Bonnie said...

I'm madly knitting away on the second sock (size 12) but I'm afraid that might be the end of the Christmas knitting. Love your photos. You're busy, busy.

Angie said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day!


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