Monday, November 10, 2014


the one and sure thing in that things are always changing. and today november 10 my neck of the woods has gone from 70’s, beautiful indian summer to snow and yes, winter has arrived!
november 10th is also my oldest son’s birthday- happy birthday nathan, how could things have changed sooo fast and you are 33 years old? it all happened in a blink of an eye.
but, with the end of fall and the beginning of snow, around the corner is that magical time of year...
now i hate the stores and all the early christmas marketing. however, i am a mom that likes to make several of her christmas gifts for her family. and family every year gets at least one hand knitted, sewed or quilted gift from me. thanks goodness my brew likes quilts and other crafts i so enjoy making for them. i relish sewing seams and thinking about the child, ( grown to adulthood mind you) 
in full wonderment at what they have accomplished and the amazing people they have grown into. yes, i would say i have 3 grown, amazing kids! something i am so grateful for!
so, let the gift making commence in full anticipation of the wonderful season just in front of us. may i remember to remain calm and enjoy the memories of christmas past, all the while being present in this year’s magical christmas season! 


Bonnie said...

Pretty photos Eileen. I love the socks on your needles. I bet your children love your gifts. The love you add to them makes all the difference. We don't have snow yet but it is cold. We're just finishing up some outdoor chores.

karen said...

happy birthday to your son! you've got some lovely knitting going on there and those skeins are beautiful!


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