Sunday, October 26, 2014


oh  sunday your time ticks away too fast. 
spent the morning enjoying a friends company, eating quiche, sipping on two of the best made chai's in northern colorado and of course knitting! working on several projects all at the same time..that is just the way i like to roll.
the fall weather here is AMAZING, warm, a bit breezy today with leaves floating/swirling down from their 6 month perch on the trees. crunching through colorful crisp leaves on a walk is one of those lovely simple life pleasures to savior.
i have hopes of working on the hexi quilt today. i had high hopes of putting buttons on 2 custom made shirts but..... 
early last week i took my machine in to have serviced, picked it up in a very timely fashion only to pull it out last night to use and NO foot pedal or cord. such disappointment since the shop is not opened on the weekend.
and this is why i own several machines....i couldn’t stand to be without a working sewing machine!
enjoy your sunday!

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Bonnie said...

Hi Eileen, I went to post about my just blocked "Antler" cardigan only to find the blocker had bled or eaten chocolate all over my sweater. She didn't charge me for blocking (really?)and ordered me "free" yarn to make up for it. The spots will not come out. I guess I will be knitting a new sweater but not for awhile. I need to cool off for a bit. I love your hexi quilt. Good luck with your machine. The timing went out on mine in between the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dress. Thanks goodness the shop was speedy. By the time I went to the HOmestead to pick up my spare, the newer one was ready. I hope you get your crisis solved tomorrow.


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