Friday, October 24, 2014


fall is by far my favorite season, always has been ever since i realized as a child that their is four unique, different seasons. growing up in Chicago i experienced four definite distinct full seasons, not like colorado where spring gets mixed up with winter as does fall, though fall most likely will mix to much with summer! 80 degrees tomorrow...uhem. dressing appropriately for going out the door in the morning is one outfit and coming home is totally a different outfit. layers is the only way to dress for Colorado fall prepared for anything.
not quite warm enough for wool socks but the perfect time to be knitting wool socks. the first pair is yarn “ socks that rocks”. love knitting with this yarn, feels great running through my fingers and knits up a beautiful fabric. also the colors are bright and sunny. 
the second pair { brown } are very wooly, out of stash, so no ideas regarding the yarn, etc,etc.
i am finding it is getting difficult for me to see dark colors and it is mandatory that any dark yarns i have to knit on light colored needles. oh this growing old.........
 so, off i go to knit more socks, for whom i do not know, but so enjoy knitting on the back porch with all the fall colors surrounding me. 
and yes, i am harvesting beets! the joy and wonder of gardening. this is very late to still be harvesting anything from the garden, but like i said it has been a warm fall.


Kyle said...

Love, love love the weather., but I know your socks will come in handy sooner or later.

Bonnie said...

Beets! You have beets. I am so jealous.
I love both socks. You know my infinity for hand knit socks. I just finished a pair and have one sock of the second pair finished. I'm teaching my daughter to knit socks today. I'll need someone to knit me some when my eyes are too old to knit my own.


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