Saturday, October 25, 2014


i am sewing and knitting...a lot, a real lot and loving every minute. surprising even myself i am finding making garments is extremely relaxing to this lady. am enjoying figuring out the patterns and hearing that wonderful  sewing machine humming along. the bernia i use to put button holes on broke. .ugh.
so off to the repair man and the machine was back in my hands in 4 days, fixed and ready to work this weekend.
finished projects:
baby pants- such a fun knit to use yarn in my stash. who they are for, not sure. today i am going to get a container to store completed knits. i have a draw full that is having trouble closing, oh yeah.
i cut and had this cute tunic completely sewed with finished seams in 3 hours. a must sew and versatile 
garment. wear as a dress in summer and layer it with a tee and leggings or jeans in cooler weather.
negroni shirt by colette for one of my two men. colette patterns are amazing, the instructions are clear with some very cool techniques and lots of the so important to me, pictures. yes i am a visual pattern reader! 
i look forward to weekends so i can hide in the afternoon in my sewing cave. hard to call it a sewing studio since only i can fit in it, { a one person room and maybe a small dog or two}.
i turn on a movie i have seen a thousand times for back round noise, can’t loose valuable sewing time to actually watch a movie. i am so enjoying spending time making garments for family and friends, spending time thinking about the loved one the project will most likely be gifted too. bringing past cherished memories forward about said recipient. yes, memories are a gift to mom’s that continue to love sewing for their adult family members.

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Bonnie said...

Cute projects Eileen. I love the baby pants. You have lucky loved ones for sure.


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