Friday, November 14, 2014


the first winter snow to me is always magical, a drastic pictorial change of the seasons. i relish the idea of tucking in for long days with fewer hours of sun to sew, knit, quilt, read, make stews, soups, breads and basically slowing down. it is the season of rest ( once we are past the holidays), to spend long hours inside doing all those wonderful things that only can be done in winter.
i believe winter is my favorite season, not that the other 3 seasons do not hold dreams and a special place in my small life here on the planet, but winter, she is special to me. 

since it is november my knitting basket is full of special knits for special people in my life. the turbo needles are throwing off sparks from the speed i am running those amazing instruments that are feeling more like an appendage everyday. what an exciting time of year, will i complete all the projects, gifts i have planned in my head? will they be completely done by christmas eve, wrapped and ready for their intended recipient? i have been known to wrap half finished gifts only to take back and finish after the holidays. i have also been known to “hide” gifts so well, not even i can find them to give on christmas morning.
i hope you all are ready to tuck in and rest, tis the season :)

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Angie said...

Hey my friend---I don't know where I've been but I haven't been visiting in much too long! I think I would like to spend some time at your house right now and you could teach me to knit socks and a hooded cowl...Love your photos. Hugs :)


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