Sunday, November 23, 2014


we had a short break in the weather yesterday, no snow, was to be warm but was not, though good “cleaning out the beds” weather and the dumpsters were here in the neighborhood!
eric and i went out around noon, realizing it was not going to get any warmer or done by a twitching of our noses. neither of us are young anymore, our backs always a nagging imposition and eric’s hands getting arthritis, but out we went because two sets of hands no matter how poor, cuts the work time in half. eric took care of the heavy stuff and i cut down the knee high stalks and pulled iris beds apart.
we were satisfied after only 2 hours of work time spent and in the house we went to warm up.
chilled to the bone we were crawling around the wet ground and into piles of unmelted snow. oh mid-november can be a bit late for yard work!
by 6pm we both were still chilled to the bone and getting stiff. under quilts we went with dogs there too, lots of quilts, homemade quilts, cozy quilts, oh november, how i love to settle in and prepare for the slow months ahead of me. that is once i get past december!

my mind is filled with homemade gift ideas for christmas and working i have been doing. not a stressed, frantic work but at a pace i am comfortable with, a pace that satisfies my soul. 
honey oatmeal soap was made on friday, cut early sunday morning, now curing till the week of jolly holly christmas.
of course we are to celebrate thanksgiving first, a favorite holiday for me. nothing better than friends, family and good food!

are you preparing for the holidays?
or just starting to tuck in for the slow months ahead?

snow is on the way again with high winds, so glad we spent the day outside yesterday.

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Angie said...

Love these windows into your world. We are settling in for the slower, inside pace of Winter. I yearn to be outside as I add another log to the fire and draw the curtains.


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