Sunday, November 16, 2014


it has been cold and snow the last 2 days, the kind of days where i move around the house doing things that comfort me. lots of knitting and cooking going on, a short trip to the flea market and found the beautiful (2) blue rugs for my kitchen. i also found a nine patch quilt, hand quilted for a mere 28 dollars! yahoo, i have never found a bargain such as that. when i came in the house with my treasure both husband and daughter said “mom why are you buying a quilt? you make them!’ oh i said, “ how could i leave this piece of heaven behind, it is hand quilted and i know the value of a hand quilted quilt!” the blue rescued quilt is being washed and proper pictures will be taken later in the week, then shared with all.

the first batch of christmas soap has been made, something that i thoroughly enjoy doing. batch one is lavender simple soap. this soap is great to wash hair, face and as a basic soap for all needs. batch number two, i’m going to try honey oatmeal. i have knitted up about and no fewer than 30 plus washcloths that i will wrap bars of soap in for small gifts this christmas season.

erin my youngest came over in the afternoon, always a pleasure to see her. she talks to me about nursing school adventures and tells me stories of her and fellow students crazy happenings in the hospitals, stories to be sure that only a nurse could find humor in, and laugh i do, people can be so funny. i often wonder why we take ourselves so seriously.  i have always said i can do just about any job (in nursing) as long as i can get a good laugh. i think that is why i have lasted 35 years in my job.
i will admit, lately i have too often forgotten to laugh at work, (changing times), but erin is reminding to look for the humor again.....thanks erin!


Bonnie said...

You've been busy! I love the washcloth you gifted me and I am still using it. You inspired me to make some of my own for gifts. I, however, do not nor have I ever made my own soap. You are amazing!!!

Angie said...

Okay already, now, look, you know I really do NEED to be added to your list for a knitted washcloth and all-purpose lavender soap, and you can just throw in a bar of the honey/oatmeal and I'll test drive that one for you without a washcloth. :) Please and thank you---and give those sweet furbabies hugs and kisses for me (I called my husband over to see their picture---he thought it was one of our Dewey and Badger :))

Angie said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you how beautiful your snow is (and let me know when you're ready for my snail mail addy ;D)

karen said...

how nice that your daughter lives close enough for a drop by visit! Truly a blessing :) I love the snow photos because right now I have nothing!!


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