Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello and Happy New Year. Sorry about the quite blog for the past two months, working way too much and things to deal with. But I hope to get my mojo back and keep you informed.

I actually have 2010 planned out on paper and calendar. I thought the need to do this because I am suffering from "stash saturation" both in fabric and yarn. We will not even talk about scrap-booking at this time. I have also planned out my vegie and flower garden.

The really great news is I am only going to work part time, that is 20 hours a week at the hospital. Oh Glory Be!!!! I am really burned out as a nurse and need a break.

Some of my plans are:

* Finish knitting projects, more about that later.
*Sister's week-end quilt project. We will be making a Bonnie Blue reproduction ,x5.
* Learn how to cook, I can bake but have never really learned to cook.
* Adventurous gardening, more later.
* Counting the days my daughter comes home!!!
* Living more simply, using less resources.

Ok , hope to hear from everyone in comments.

Here is a simply way to keep the flu virus out of your house.
Take one unpealed yellow onion put it on a plate, placing several around your house. Do not forget the bedroom.


Kyle said...

Ok, Maybe an unpeeled onion might work, but whose bowel do you put it in! Not mine!

Caitrin said...

FINALLY! haha on the bowel comment. Oh Mom, I think editing should be added to the list as well. Love you.


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