Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eviction Notice and Cleaning


Cleaning continues……….

Once I start I am like a possessed women, and take the challenge to a higher level. It is ME vs dust, dirt, and anything else I deem unclean.

I have read stories of women in the past that would clean their houses from top to bottom twice a year. They had to, due to the coal and or wood burning to heat the home. The soot that was left on every nook, cranny, and surface had to be cleaned completely after the long winters. To the cleaning degree of white washing the walls every spring. The house was emptied and washed inside out and upside down, and then everything was put back into its place. Yes everything had a place, no willy nilly throwing things on the floor or under the sofa, but rather in a well thought out place for that one item. If an item had no purpose, well it was never bought let alone allowed in the home. These homes were well organized and met all daily, monthly, yearly needs, a very serious business indeed.

Well truth be told I have not turned my house upside down nor inside out in a number of years. What I do have down to a science is to find places to put more stuff. I read too many “where to find more storage in your home” books, took every suggestion to heart I did. I have a table with a tablecloth on it that is really boxes of stored oatmeal, sugar and flour. I am storing this for the Armageddon that it sure to come, better to be prepared than caught with one’s pants down. Due to all my preparedness I own a home that under the right circumstances a spark would turn this building into a fiery tinderbox. Something we Westerner’s are proud of, the ability to buy and store things either we have no need of or use for but we are ever prepared for the “who knows what” in life.

Cleaning upstairs, I cleaned everything, the baseboards, walls, ceilings and under beds. I evicted several families of 8 legged creatures and no I did not use anti-cruelty traps, I sucked them right up into the vacuum cleaner with their terminated leases to boot.

Cleaning is WAR and war can get very unfriendly and unfeeling. If I felt any sentiment for those 8 legged creatures I would have had to throw all the shoes, boxes, books, purses and saved treasures back under the beds and dressers giving the 8 legged creatures squatting rights again. No way, that vacuum whined and sucked till every last one of the unwanted tenants were gone. I shook out my apron with an undulated motion satisfied. A day’s work well done!


Caitrin said...

Awesome post, Mom. Best one to date. Now would you like to come and clean my apartment? I'll give you the honors of starting with the bathroom.

ELP said...

Caitlin you know I can not even enter that Chinese bathroom in your apartment.


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