Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yes I am admitting I am a polygamist, that is a polygamist projector. Weird way to term it I know, but one of my favorite podcasts Stash and Burn talks about monogamist projects. This of course means starting and completing one project at a time.

So naturally I took the idea one step further and realized I was a polygamist quilter,knitter,reader,and even blog surfer. I was worried that I was ADD, but now know I am only a polygamist projector. Whew thought I might need therapy and medication.

I have however finished two projects, well really one and half. The socks are from the Octobersock knit. I was hoping these would be done for Halloween. Didn't make that deadline but they are completed for Thanksgiving. The quilt has been on the table waiting to be quilted for months. Last weekend I think I got my MoJo back. Finished quilting the quilt, finish binding on a quilt for a nephew and the October socks are done. Polygamist projector yes I am!


Caitrin said...

I am happy to find out that this is something that was passed down to me genetically. Jennifer gives me a hard time about it all the time.

Tara said...

This is wonderful! I love the quilt and the pieced border is awesome! I've enjoyed reading back on your blog now that I've found it. It was great to see you yesterday and I really enjoyed the class--thanks for the use of your machine--I can see why it's your favorite!


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