Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week-End Knitting , Gardening and Soap

I made the soap several weeks ago and am letting it cure in the basement. This soap is wonderful, I use it for everything ,washing my hair, clothes, as a lotion, I mean everything!  The recipe can be found on down---to---earth 
It is not yet June almost but not yet and the slow work on the yard continues. We have had so much rain that their has not been a full week end to work in the yard. So today the clothes line will be put up, some beans and zukes planted with a few more tomato plants. Mr.P put fresh mulch down out front which always makes things beautiful.
The irises are up and in full bloom
I have been working on a summer vest using King Tut cotton in a steel grey. I love the feel of this fiber, but the real test will be is the fit. I do not sew clothes for myself because I am never happy with resulting fit. Well the good thing here is if it does not fit me i.e; being to small then my daughters with great figures will be thrilled to have the garment.
This is the back and the front is 1/2 way finished. 
Am not sure what has gotten into me, I am a far more active quilter, but for some reason lately I just want to do mindless knitting, sit in quite, drink coffee and knit. I am going to enjoy this while it last. 
My daughter found her wedding dress( no she is not getting married) and it is a knitted dress!! She sent the picture on the internet and said maybe I should start the dress now. I do not think so. Can you imagine knitting a dress and then it does not fit how you imagined it would. NO THANKYOU.

Hope your week end is a wonderful one for you.

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