Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh For the Love of Coffee

Another week ending, I have spent the week by myself as Mr.P was fishing on the Big Horn with friends from work. I enjoy spending time to myself ,but by the end of the week I really look forward to seeing and talking to Mr.P. My best friend!!!
Guess what it is doing this week- end !  Yup, it is RAINING again and again. Suppose to rain the entire holiday week end. That means Mr.P. and I will be watching the last season of 24 and any WWII movies on the TV. We do enjoy week ends such as this but would prefer not every week end rain.
I have also been knitting, allot, and working on the quilt for China.
Knitting means also drinking coffee, allot of coffee. And since research is coming out saying coffee is now good for us, I am belling up to the coffee bar. I love sitting outside knitting, drinking coffee and watching the world go by. OK my life is not all that interesting, so what.
The yard is beginning to come along. The big planting for veggies will not happen til after June 5th . I would like to enjoy the yields when I return from China.
Hope you are all having a relaxing week-end this Memorial Holiday. Let us also not forget what this holiday is about and all the Americans who have sacrificed love ones for our freedoms that we all enjoy!!!

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