Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sun, Frustrations

Well the sun seems to finally want to warm the Colorado earth. Yes, all week we have had sun and warm temps. Today I need to get out to the garden and water the plants that are already planted, plus plant lots more. I plan on putting in some beans , lots of beans, we love to eat young fresh beans. Since we will be gone in August I need to plan the timing of the garden carefully. I want to be home to "put up" all my gardens treasures. Eating locally is a full time job and next year we will plan our trips around the "garden" season.

Today I must admit I am a little put out. Mr. P is going to work at home and I had plans to do alot of projecs in the house. When he is working at home the upstairs is his office, so I get nothing done. No cheese making today, no music played loudly to vacuum to, no nothing but I do get to listen to news reporting the stock all day and at a volume that I want to pull my hair out. Do not get me wrong I like Mr.P to work at home but I like a heads up to the days so I can plan appropriately. I had so been looking forward to my day off by myself and to get things accomplished and now it is a bust. Well when the day starts off looking "scrappy" I guess I will work on some quilts.
I could start a quilt for my daughter, get my nails done ,I could even get some knitting done. The Dale sweater progress has slowed way down again, I can not seem to make it pass this crazy row with out making a mistake. Every time I think I finished it correctly on the following row I realize I made a mistake,grrrr.

              All right I think I can get up and make this a wonderful day. I just need to re-arrange my plan, be a little more flexible. I may not get my house clean, but I can get some sewing done. I will also run over to The Little Wool Shop and look at some Amy Butler patterns. Yes this day is starting to look up.  

I hope your day is good  and remember to be flexible!!!


Caitrin said...

Hey mom,

Glad to hear you are being productive. I have gone into some serious laziness lately. I need to turn off my computer...i haven't even read a book yet this week (that's sad news for me). Teaching is also keeping me really busy right now... I can't wait for summer vacation and to see you all.


Love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Eileen, I love that sweater and your tulips too. Such lovely vibrant colours.


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