Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday JAN.8

I spent the weekend on the couch reading Fire and Fury..... WOW! Frighting, boils my blood, some great laughs and exhausting!  Let me just say: 'it's worse than I ever thought.' I realize this author does not have the best reputation, but so much in the book has already been reported on by both the papers, the news stations and was information I already knew. It's the chaos that got to me! I can say :'I am so grateful for the 3 generals that work closely with the White House.' And Bannon-one scary dude!

Now on to real life- my day today is filled with getting the house into better shape, ( only willing to spend a couple of hours in this category), then on to quilting and knitting, (depending what I am watching and need for my brain to be working). I am loving getting back into hand quilting, it has been so long since I have hand quilted, I forgot how soothing this slow process is to my mind. A couple of hours a week that can add up to about 10 hours total weekly, gets a lot done. 

My Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater is my current challenge. Trusting my math skills, re-knitting the same row no less that 7, yes, SEVEN times normally would have sent this project to the round bin. In all my being this was war! and I intended to win! I ended changing my stitches reducing by 2 stitches and using only half of the graft pattern in the instructions guide, then making up a pattern to fit it all together...whew! You worked! In the round knitting has commenced.

We had the Grand kids for a day and it went off great! Walked up to a small pizza parlor for lunch then doughnuts for dessert at home. Little B insisted on caring the bag cute!
Yes, I am playing around with text this month!


Angela said...

Looks like the new year is going well with lovely quilting and enjoy your beautiful grandbabies!! Have a wonderful January!

Mereknits said...

Hi Eileen, so glad you popped in for a visit as now I can visit you. Your grandchildren are so sweet, so glad everyone is healthy. Such a scare when a newborn has to be admitted to the hospital for a few days. I love your stitching and knitting. Some how I lost my knitting mojo last year, I intend to get it back. Happy New Year.

steph said...

oh.....that bag carrying doll baby is the CUTEST!!!

I'm so proud of you for sticking through that book.....I don't have the stomach to even watch the news most nights.

Cleaning happening here, too....I took a break from our community's One Read (The Age of Miracles) to clean off some book shelves. (Not overwhelmed with the book yet, but plodding through it because there is always a photo contest linked to the author's visit....and you can only fake it so much!!! I got an honorable mention last year...hoping for better this year....but I DO have to submit something to make that happen!)

stay warm...winter finally hit with a vengeance this morning!!


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