Wednesday, November 25, 2015

17/365 -YARN ALONG

Blocking a “In Three’s”for a little girl who is going to turn 1. Oh my, how did that happen? 
And why do I have such a block on totally finishing a sweater when the knitting is done? I know me and the buttons :: they will be sown on- in the car- on the drive to the party!!!! UGH……
I don’t even  have the buttons picked out, but I have two weeks to choose the ones I wish to sew on.
Ten minutes before I get in the car I will be downstairs auditioning buttons, discarding the ones over my shoulder that I do not care for- at a rapid fire pace. And yes their is a chance of breaking my neck slipping on all the buttons that land on the floor as I run (run is a relative term at my season stage in life) up the stairs to a car with a man who by now is a wee bit impatient with my last minute “finishing” up a gift. He will have that look and ask the same question, “when did you finish knitting that sweater”?
I will reply, “Last year” and “don’t say it if you want any cake today”.
I know I can frustrate him, but he has no idea how much I frustrate myself and me frustrating me trumps any frustration I cause him.
(maybe I'll go and browse for some buttons now, you no do something different…Surprise)

As for reading I finished 
late last night.
I am not sure I liked the characters in the book. They both seemed rather full of themselves and too often very disrespectful (mean) to each other. I know I never want to be a farmer! 
However I did like the writing, it was what kept me going to finish the book.

Join me for YARN ALONG 
at Ginny’s

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mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful sweater. Good luck with finding the right buttons.

Pom Pom said...

I liked the writing in The Dirty Life, too. I especially liked the first half. What a lovely little garment you made for a fortunate little girlie girl!


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