Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Winter skies returned to my neck of the woods.
Gray skies that later opened up and snow flakes
floated down to earth
My kind of day---

sitting by the fire and sewing on my Red and Green Quilt.

I have been sewing on this quilt for more than 10 years I think.
Lets just say it has been a long time!

There was not a pattern for me to follow.
I traced the block from a magazine picture
and blew it up to 16"
{ I thought that seemed like a good size, nice and big, be done in no time }.

I actually lost the blocks in my sewing room for several years.
{Who looses these beautiful blocks}?

I found them on my last "clean out the sewing room"
and am I happy ! I love sewing on these blocks !
I love the slow process of appliquéing.
I can watch Downton Abby and sew on my blocks without making any mistakes.
Yup, I like snow days and applique !


Bonnie said...

I love LOVE these blocks. I love to needleturn applique. What method do you use Eileen? These are stunning.

Julie said...

love your quilt!

Alica said...

This is beautiful Eileen!

On another note...there was a newspaper article yesterday, saying which cities in the US, that people were happiest living in...Fort Collins was #9...and Lancaster was #1. We've got good taste! :)

Kyle said...

Your blocks are beautiful. Appliqué is relaxing for me as well. Looks like you had the perfect day.


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