Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok so I really goofed and let Caitlin take this vintage quilt home with her before getting a photo of the whole quilt.

What was I thinking?

The above kinda gives you an idea of what the quilt looks like, just times it by 10 or so.
It is a BIG quilt and I do not mind saying very hard to handle the quilting with my Bernina machine.
I love the binding ! The fabric is from a dear friend of mine : Norma. I have always said  "someday I want to be like Norma"!
She is the kindest person I know!

When it came to the quilting:
 where their is a will their is a way! 

I also made these pajama bottoms last night, took about an hour.
I was so tired of wearing the pajamas I have worn for the last 2 years, I decided to get a little sassy
and make some bright colored pajamas

And oh my are they comfy :)-:).
Happy Friday to you all.


Kyle said...

It sure looks like your using your mandatory recovery time well. Keep going. You 're keeping the rest of us inspired.

Heidi Staples said...

Beautiful the vintage colors!

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

Oooo, I see some lovey ticking fabrics in there!

Alica said...

One hour?! That's just not fair! :) I love the pj pants...wish I was so handy with my machine!

Nicole said...

Those are some cute pajamas! And done so quickly. I'm impressed.

Claire Jain said...

LOL! I've definitely given away a quilt without getting a picture of the finished item. Ugh. So frustrating. Looks like a good one, though :-)

Heather said...

I can just imagine how pretty the whole quilt must be! Great pictures! And I know you're loving those new pjs, too. ;o)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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