Friday, February 10, 2012


Well this past week has been eventful for me.
I had back surgery last Friday for the second time in two years ! ouch!
And it is true what they say " the older one gets the harder the recovery".
But I think I am on the mend with a working back but a numb foot, nothing is ever perfect!
I have spent my week here

In front of the fireplace.

With these two watching over me.

On the couch crocheting and knitting when comfortable, [ so no I did not get a lot done ].

The puppies did get tired of watching me and would get into their bag for a nap.
Looks comfy----"not, why does he always have to put his big butt in my face", says Sadie.

I did get a picture of the moon one morning!
I started walking yesterday, a mile my first day and I felt it that evening.
I need to get to 4 miles a day over the the next several weeks. I love to walk so I know I can do this, if only their was no ice in our neighborhood.
So for now I will drive somewhere to walk like downtown or the mall to get my miles and build up the back muscles.
Join me if you like. You will know it is me, I am the lady pulling her numb foot along.


Bonnie said...

So glad you're back to your blog Eileen. Hopefully that numbness will gradually go away and you will be feeling better and better soon. Thinking of you.

Alica said...

I heard from Aunt Alice that your surgery went happy for you! Now you just need to get to mending...your back, that is. :) Those puppies do look pretty comfy...oh the life of a dog. Sigh...

Kyle said...

It is so nice to see you again via your blog. I hope it doesn't hurt to laugh because those puppies could be painful! Keep up the good work.

Angie said...

I am so sorry that I 'missed' that you were headed to back surgery, Eileen!! I have to say, tho, I wouldn't mind wiling the hours away right there in that room, with those two gorgeous babies. :D I've been having heart issues, so I've kinda been out of touch with blogging the last several weeks. You go for that walk, wherever it's safe from slipping and sliding, and I'm trying to work my way back to walking as well. Love and hugs!


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