Wednesday, October 6, 2010


On Monday I taught the "Charm Pack Quilt" class in my home and we had a BLAST!!!! 

This pattern I made up as I sewed along and wanted to share with friends.
Their were some very experience quilters and some that had never used a rotary cutter.

Kathleen and Dawn

Julie and Tammy

Dawn and Kate

Kate and Freba

Had 4 of these beauties humming along. A very relaxing sound to hear a Featherweight machine chugging along. You can't make them fly, they go one speed..... slow.

My 2 hexagon flower for One Flower Wednesday. It has been a long time since I have hand pieced a quilt and I forgot how much I love this slow process. Gives me time to enjoy the fabric and do a lot of thinking. I love doing things the "old" way, using featherweight machines and hand piecing. I feel connected with quilters from long ago who made their quilts to be remembered. 
I"m remembering Ladies.


Jeanette said...

Your hexies are lovely. I love to hand piece & like you gives me a feeling of connection to the quilters of the past.

Fiesta said...

Lovely hexie flowers.

Karen said...

I like that, the slow process. That is what makes me happy. Your flowers are lovely!

Karen said...

P.S. I love the charm pack quilt!!

Vivian said...

Such pretty flowers. I especially like your comment about enjoying the fabric when we hand sew. So true!

When I started my hexies, I had no idea that I would enjoy the hand sewing so much. It's my relaxation therapy.

Melody said...

Lovely hexie flowers

Christina said...

Very nice flowers!

I love my fancy machines, but there really is nothing like sitting down to do some hand stitching!

LOVE the charm quilt!

Birdie said...

Nice flowers. Hand sewing the hexies makes me love my fabric scraps all over again.

Sandra said...

Your hexies are lovely. I also enjoy the process of hand-piecing a quilt and I agree with you. There is nothing like the sound of an old Singer:)

Joan said...

Your flowers look happy :) as do your friends - who all look so busy too :)

Marion B. said...

Thank you for your nice comment at my blog.
You seemed to had a lovely day and the floweres are pretty.

Miriam said...

Cute featherweights.

Love the hexie flowers.

I love hand sewing too.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

Michelle said...

Hello, thanks for visiting and I'm glad you found me, because now I've found you and your lovely blog too. Oh, how I wish Santa would bring me a feather wieght! Nice hexies.


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