Friday, June 12, 2009


Yup, again it is raining!! My garden is a disaster. Oh how sad, I know the sun will come out eventually, I hope in time for the vegies to grow. I am so glad I took pictures before the BIG storm. The flowers were beautiful, we loved sitting outside and just relaxing. But it was not meant to be for long. 
Instead we are inside watching movies. The Tudors has been great. A little scary that it seems the way people died back then was by execution. The heads were literally rolling...... I am hooked, I am also getting knitting done since there is nothing to do outside.

I have not even been able to use my new love.....The clothes line. I absolutely love clothes lines. Every part of the process is pure joy, a ray of sunshine to me. From hanging them out, watching the clean clothes blow in the soft wind, taking them down and smelling that wonderful sun filled smell to putting them away. Laundry hung outside makes my house smell fresh and clean when line dried clothes come inside. And is their anything better than slipping between sheets that have been dried outside. NO....

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