Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today is beautiful outside!! I woke up to misty rain, and fogginess through the thick green trees, almost feels a little like being in the English countryside,( on a high plain dessert). 

The rose table topper I made to cover a table that shows dust immediately post dusting, it's cherry wood. 

The pastel quilt on the love seat is an idea I saw up in at Snowy River Quilt store in Laramie,Wy. I did not buy the quilt just allot of half yard cuts of fabric Eric and I picked out. Scary I am letting Eric help me pick out fabric, a first but we did really well together. Sometimes that man surprises me.Anyways I made two of these quilts one for me and one for a niece, which one I do not know. I never decide who they are going to till they are completely done. 

 Tuesday evening Kathleen and I finished piecing our Santa quilt from Buggy Barn and hopefully these will go to the quilter in Denver on Monday.

I am at the oral surgeon's office and a nurse came out and said she remembers me working nights with her in 1980 on 3rd north . What a flash back, good to see her. I am at the office with my daughter Caitlin who is getting all four wisdom teeth pulled. Why do they call them wisdom teeth and if they are truly full of wisdom why are we removing things that we all could use more of,WISDOM. One of those life things that just make little sense.

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