Monday, May 19, 2008

1930 fabric

Still had the layout I was having trouble with , oh live and learn. My 30's quilt are blocks from Kindred Spirits that we exchanged and this is how I chose to put it all together. I love this quilt, it is all my good friends quilted together on one quilt top.  This quilt adorns my couch in the summer and gets rave reviews from all . 
After posting I found that I finally had the layout I was looking for, however I do not know  how I got to it, pushed to many buttons to fast. What a learning experience, it's like being back in school and at my age, oh my.
I love this quilt, it is a block exchange from Kinder Spirits quilt group. I used up alot of scraps for the borders. All summer long this quilt will dress the davenport. 

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