Thursday, September 19, 2019

MIND DUMP (part 1)

As previous post stated, 'we moved', and moving after 30 years has brought on so many emotions from wanting to stop the entire process to screaming 'I am soo done with this house!"
I don't like BIG change, I married a steady Eddie for a reason-I had a 95% idea of what the day would bring because Eric and I had a plan for our life, and follow it we did!
Most of our life was spent in this house, raising 3 kids that were the best part of our 'plan'. 
I'm not a fan of drama, confusion and general craziness! My home was always, (well, mostly always), a place of calmness, consistency and very little, if any drama. A place of safety, to refill self to go out in the world and do it again. We loved watching calming shows, The Walton's, Little House on the Prairie, and Dr.Quinn. If a little excitement was needed we would binge on North and South,  Lonesome Dove! We played a lot outside, bikes, walks, skiing, gardening etc. 
I loved our life and my house was a BIG part of the LIFE all 5 of us created in our house!
But, onward and forward....part of growing and a big part of growing is learning to 'let go'.
Memories will always be mine of my life and family in that old house, but it is time to settle in with Eric in our new home! Two of the three kids have seen the new house and love it...that really helps.
One part of packing and moving that grabbed my attention, was all the fabric and yarn i managed to acquire in 30 years. Holy Moly!, what was I thinking and how did I fit this all in my house. 
Thank goodness Caitlin was willing to unpack, organized and put all away for me! I now have a actual 'sewing room' and a STORE! Not bad, aye?
Gardening is really over for me this season. No canning, no dehydrating or freezing! My garden next year will be scaled way back and I mean tiny! Another 'letting go' but also a few new beginnings.


karen said...

I hate change as well, unless I seek it out. Sounds like you wanted to move and how nice the kids were involved. Now the fun part is making your new house a HOME!

wisps of words said...

Wonderful...! YOu moved on, at the best time, for it.

Is the house smaller? Near by or farther away?

I'd love to move to a just right size for us now cottage. But since we live next to one of our sons and his family, it just doesn't make sense. So we moved our bedroom downstairs, and I am making believe, these 5 rooms, downstairs, which we now live in, are a perfect cottage. -smile-

Make do, with what you have!!!!!


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