Thursday, September 12, 2019


 We moved after 30 years in our home. This was big, really big for us! Sorting through 30 years of collections and stuff was exhausting emotionally and physically. I have lost over 10 lbs and several inches (which is a good thing), built up muscles I haven't seen since my 30's and bone tired by 7pm.
 Eric and I fixed up the old house, doing all the work ourselves with the exception of laying the new carpet. Spending 10-14 hours a day there, painting, refinishing wood, scrubbing, gardening,  etc,etc... The house is ready, as are Eric and I to sell this beautiful home! 

Our new home is in chaos, with boxes all over the place, garage full, we have had no time to unpack or organize the new place(but my craft area and because I didn't do it myself). Soon very soon we will start to unpack! The littles love the new park! 

I started a scrap cowl, really to use up left over sock yarn. I think I could make 10+ of these with all the scrap yarn I have. Packing up the fabric, yarn and fibers, I realized I never need to buy anymore yarn and/or fabric! My daughter unpacked all my fabric, yarn,wool, fibers and turn what was going to be my sewing room into the "Store". I would never have fitted all the stuff in that room and be able to sew in this room, so now I have a store and my machines are in the back of our HUGE family in the basement. I think I'm going to really enjoy this set-up.


karen said...

congrats on the move! Did you move far? I'm thrilled to see your 3 color cowl, it looks perfect in every single way. Maybe I should move so I can get in better shape- ha ha!!

wisps of words said...


Moving after 30 years!

But a big, big job, I'm sure.

Hope you took the opportunity to eliminate a lot of "just stuff," from your lives. It was the perfect opportunity.

Plus, I imagine you moved to a smaller home, so it had to be necessary. :-)

Best of luck with getting things all unpacked and finding a new home for each item.

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