Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Happy Wednesday and Yarn Along Day
I finished another quilt and am very pleased with the results! This is my third 2" square quilt that I have done in 12 months. I love being able to use up scraps, ( fabric is getting expensive, yikes), so it's a good thing I have a house full to sew up. Grandpa brought Baby B down to my stuffed sewing room and her eyes flew open and she said; 'WOW', with big smile on her face. I looked at her and said; "baby girl, you can have whatever you want in this room," she gets anything she wants from me. 
Photographing my newly finished quilts has been a joy out in the great outdoors.
Mountains and rivers make the quilts all the more beautiful!
I have not, however, made much progress on my poncho. I love this pattern, it reminds me of a mystery book. I'm learning several new techniques to obtain different textures on this knit. The yarn is Shelter and is lovely to knit with, all that lanolin in the fibers, yum-yum.


Alina said...

What a view and what a blanket - wow!!! Amazing piece of craft!!!

Donna said...

Your quilt is just stunning. I would love to sit amidst all that scenery and take photos.

Cheryl | TimeToCraft said...

I love your quilt. What a fabulous backdrop too. It all looks so amazing. I hope you didn't hurry away after you'd taken your photos. Just enjoy it. I love using up my little scraps too. One like this should be next on my list. The poncho can wait!

karen said...

holy moley is that quilt gorgeous or what??? I love it! and you did an awesome job with the photo shoot :)

Laura Boutin said...

gorgeous quilt and your photos are so beautiful! I do love a scrappy quilt : )

laura@sewknitgrow said...

I have a soft spot for patchwork quilts like this. It is gorgeous! So are your views!
This poncho pattern looks super cozy. And with Shelter yarn..I'm sure it will be a dream to wear!


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