Thursday, April 23, 2015







I’m trying not to come home from work and  just sit and do nothing!  I could so easily stare at the TV or take a nap, I have a hard time finding any energy after working at a computer all day.  BUT I want to get some fun things done! So today I came home and took a clothes line and bada bang - bada boom, I turned that plain ole’ clothes line into a very useful bowl, to hold some beautiful skeins of yarn.
And let me say, that this project met my need to “just run it through”.  Meaning I find it relaxing as well as comforting to run fabric through a sewing machine…weird I know, but true.  90 minutes of running a clothes line through my sewing machine was pure ZEN.
I am sure I will be purchasing more clothes lines, so if you are needing to replace yours, better get to the shops before me……I see Christmas, Birthdays, friendship gifts………

Spring is really trying to bloom forth here, I like a slow spring with cool temps and plenty of rain. 
And it’s proving to be a Spring that meets all my expectations. JOY JOY JOY.
The flowers pictured here are in my yard, as pretty as they are, my spring garden needs attention.
Oh, the plans I have when I retire. I lay in bed just dreaming of all the fun garden projects….
Soon, so very soon!

I have a full weekend planned, planting some of the garden, more clothes line sewing and on Sunday making pillows from an old worn out quilt. Of course some needed house duties will be sprinkled in-between my need to create enjoyable “things”.
Enjoy your weekend


Kyle said...

Your basket is beautiful. Your "run it through" sewing technique is a favorite of mine.

Angie said...

How weird is that---I have spent the last few days buying clothesline, researching tutorials for baskets, and have actually just bought a couple from a blogger that I follow---I do so love serendipity and I think you must be my 'star sister', what with the wienies, gardening, quilting, yarsn, now baskets... I love that you are in my world. :)

sunny said...

LOVE the clothesline basket!!!!!!!!!


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