Monday, September 15, 2014

“the end"

the crew that made the trek to “the end” of Long Island

eric and i traveled to long island to celebrate the wedding of a much loved niece. 
we were gone three days, two of which were all takes a long, long time, 2 planes and one long drive to "the end” of long island. i know now personally why it is called long island.
the day of the wedding was well worth the trip.
a walk through montauk village, 7 hours sitting on the beach knitting, catching up with family, watching the ocean waves roll in and generally just relaxing till wedding time.
and the wedding, oh my stars, it was beautiful on the “pond”. the brides were gorgeous, my niece absolutely stunning as was her mother, sister mary margaret. the food amazing, starting off with a lobster bar and cocktails, moving to some wonderful salads, the most tender beef with vegetables and the best, i mean the best 3 layer wedding cake that has ever passed my lips. 
oh, anne’s wedding was beautiful and so worth the travel time.
thank you anne and jackie for including us on your very special day!
“the end” is what the long island locals call montauk and where eric and i spent a day in early september.

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Angie said...

What a beautiful post, Eileen! :)


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