Wednesday, September 17, 2014


i laugh every time i tell someone the name of this scarf pattern. all i can think about when i say “groovy” is davy jones from the monkees, remember that show in the 60’s? and as any healthy silly young girl in america, i was madly in love with davy jones. i can remember many saturdays at my cousins house playing davy jones on the 45 record player. we would stack those 45’s high and dance around the basement, shaking and screaming. thinking back, i am sure to our parents we looked like a bunch of children have epileptic seizures.
groovy is made from tosh lace weight in a cream color with a light shade of gray in the final row.
groovy is a great mindless knit and since i have lots of tosh light, i think another groovy is on the horizon. groovy looks great knitted in any yarn weight, so check out ravelry and knit yourself a groovy, get out those 45’s and dance around your kitchen with davy jones!

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Nat at Made in Home said...

Groovy looks good! I love the texture. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I look forward to seeing you again!

Amanda said...

Great finish! An ivory shawl is such a wardrobe necessity.

Jessica Snell said...

Your "groovy" looks comfy and cozy - and that color looks like it'll go with everything! :)

Laura at Beehive Rugs said...

Love your scarf. I knit the same pattern a while back and thought it was fun.
I remember the Monkeys, wow that took me back to jr. high. You are right everyone was in love with Davey!! Ha! Ha!

CathieJ said...

I so remember Davy Jones. Loved the way he said "Groovy". I loved watching the Monkees. Groovy is pretty.

Bonnie said...

I love this scarf Eileen You look great too!


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