Friday, July 18, 2014


I think I was plucked out of Colorado and planted down south where it is normal to see rain daily.
I love rain......and we have had plenty of the wet stuff around here, little sunshine, lots of overcast and water, glorious water falling from the sky, at times softly and at other times “like cats and dogs”. 
( where did that saying hail from)?
Colorado weather is returning today and going to soar into the high 90’s to low100’s over the next week, I already miss the overcast afternoons. 
My garden is doing so so, the corn and beans are thriving, the tomatoes, not sure if I will see much of that, though hope is eternal!
I have been very busy in the sewing room ( house) making birthday gifts for my baby, she will be 25 in a week! I’m finishing the dress this weekend and will show all sewing goodness later after she opens her loot. I have already started another sweater, (Nathan), a sweater for me that will take me 
foreevveerr to knit since I made the decision to use lace weight yarn (crazy), and always another quilt, (nothing but blues) in the making.  
Jam making is in the air as well, just love blueberry and strawberry jam in the winter. I like my jam on pancakes, toast and waffles.....oh yeah.
So much has been accomplished with all this rainy weather and I will be sad to see it leave. Yes, yes I know sometimes a good thing can cross over to too much.
I’m off to crank up the air.......

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Terrie Sandelin said...

That dress is just so fabulous! Audrey Hepburn? Doris Day? It's the perfect combination of vintage appeal and modern style.


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