Thursday, July 24, 2014


Dang, it’s HOT here. I went for a 2 mile walk yesterday because it was nice breezy and cloudy!
Nearly one mile out and the breeze/clouds ceased-gone, oh GOD get me home before I melt.
I made it home and could of watered the garden with all the sweating I had running out of this aging body. 
The good news, the corn is tasseling......can you see me dancing with glee. We love sweet corn here and soon butter will be running down the edges of our mouths, with corn and pepper specs stuck on our teeth...oh yeah!
The Blue quilt is one I have had in my head for years. Ms.Landliv has done two blue quilts, check out her beautiful blog. I plan on doing a square quilt first, then a hexie blue quilt with all the scraps from the square quilt. Why is it that fabric reproduces itself when cutting out a scrap quilt? It’s the same conundrum of putting 10 pairs of socks in the dryer and only getting 19 socks out. Where did the 20th sock go? A question for God when I meet Him in Heaven, { I have a long list of these questions}.
Knitting on Groovy, a simple mindless knit, just what I need after work on these blistering hot afternoons. Have I whined enough about the heat yet? I’m knitting Groovy with lace weight Madeline Tosh, crazy I know but what else do I have to do but to not overheat.
Stay cool!

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