Monday, July 21, 2014


What I heard this morning when I woke....nothing, absolutely nothing. A sure sign of change in the air.
I’m talking about the birds singing, they are my O’ Dark thirty alarm clock. And speaking of O’Dark thirty, it was dark! I rolled over to look at the clock and it was 5:03 am!
Dark and no birds singing! 
A sure sign that we are in the waning days of summer. 
The dog days of summer are upon us. Hot temps, dry air, and much work to be done putting up the garden. One of my true joys of having a garden is in the late afternoon pondering what to have for dinner, I stroll into the garden to see what is ready to be picked and work dinner around that day’s harvest. My neighbor directly north of me is growing their first garden ever! We sorta planned our gardens together to share our harvest with each other. Yesterday, she delivered squash to me and the best pickle cucumber I have ever sunk my teeth into, and I, lettuce, little cherry tomatoes, beans and one radish to her! What udder joy to share our gardens !
Not only are Eric and I enjoying the garden but the puppies love fresh veggies. Peas and beans please they bark. When I head out to pick beans  and peas they are running in circles for they know a treat is coming their way. If I could only teach them to help snap the beans, what a treat for us all.
The corn is tasseling......yeah, yippie!

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