Sunday, October 13, 2013


Watching clouds come over the mountains is a favorite past time of mine. I remember as a child I would lay in the grass and watch clouds pass over,  dreaming of running and jumping in those huge billows of fluff. If I had a sibling next to me we would call out images we saw in the clouds. It's amazing how often a cloud will look like an elephant-at least in the mid-west clouds of Illinois.
 I was meeting my daughter at her place and I was early.
So relaxing to have some quite alone time to look up and dream,
dream and wonder as I did when young and all  life's possibilities were in front of me.

Caitlin has 2 laying hens and 1 rooster.
A very nice rooster too.

I asked Caitlin how many eggs are they getting a day?
Not one Mom, nada, none! We have looked everywhere for an egg, their hen house, favorite roosting places in the yard and all their hang out spots.
But no!

Yup, Mr. Rooster

These birds are unique, they run all day on the farm and at night they have a coop that is not really secured, so yes the raccoons have gotten in and stirred the pot with the chickens.
The amazing part is the raccoons have never hurt the chickens.
Caitlin says their is a agreement, a signed contract between the chickens and the coons. 
The coons get all the eggs and the chickens get to keep all their feathers!
Now I call that making concessions,
perhaps I should bring congress out here and let them observe what it means to have a win win situation!
{ sorry just had to toss that in the post }

Eric and I drove out to a unique little town..Ault.
to pick raspberries.
And raspberries did we come home with!
I put up 9 quarts of berries.
Gave most of them to Caitlin for her pies.
We were also given butternut squash and cukes.
I did my weeks shopping on this little plot of land.

I just can never get enough pictures of chickens! 
These girls belong to my sister in law Lezlie.
They have no written, nor verbal agreement with raccoons, but they do have the Conrad Hilton as their residence.
And I got to bring home eggs.

Fall is here and is gorgous. We have been putting up apples for the past 3 weeks. 
I still have some but I think I am appled out. Yesterday Eric found 4 of these guys in the yard finishing off what is left on the tree.
We believe in sharing with our friends, the dogs believe the yard and everything in it belongs to them.
Things can get a little noisy around here but the snow will be flying soon and all will be quite for a season.
I have been knitting and sewing, well machine quilting the biggest quilt I have ever done on my bernina.
What a challenge.
I will try to get pictures posted for you soon.
 also heading to Rhinebeck, New York for the fiber fair.
This is a "bucket list" trip for me and can hardly sleep I am so excited.
All that fiber wonder!
Going to Rhinebeck in peak fall color season
is like Disney World to a 5 year old for me.
Hope to see Roosevelt's Home too,
it is however a National Park
which means it is closed !
Government Shutdown!
Oh for the love of mike!!!


Bonnie said...

We're off this week for a week in the Nation's capital. I hate the shutdown! What gorgeous photos you've posted. You will love having all those apples to eat this winter.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful memories Eileen! Love Mr. Rooster he is very handsome for sure.

Thanks for the outing in the country.


Lori ann said...

oh what a fun post eileen! loved the rooster and coon story. my husband is out of work because of the shutdown, he works at a national park. i love having him home, but the rest, not so much.
thank you for your kind words for my grandson :)

Alica said...

Oh, you are so lucky to have an apple tree (or more?) in your yard! I'm hoping to make sauce tomorrow, but had to go buy the apples at an orchard. I like the contract between the coons and the chickens. How nice of them! :)


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