Monday, September 5, 2011


I really like the simple things in life. I am no longer interested in acquiring STUFF.
This includes fabric and fibers. 
Oh I'm sure I will buy fabric that stirs my heart, but I am DONE stock piling fabric.

Seems now I just want to spend my days at home fluffing the nest. This includes tending a garden of flowers and veggies.

{ davenport }
Living simply is not about perfect but about the PROCESS.
Instead of buying new cushions for this davenport I learned how to make these fitted cushions. No they are not perfect but the process of making and learning was a PERFECT learning experience !

Gardening is the unattainable nirvana for me. I am always planning the following years garden. How to do it differently, where to plant for a better yield, using more heirloom seeds, better at not wasting a seed.
It is the perpetual hope that I love about gardening!!

{ homemade dish clothes}
Homemade things tells me I do not have to be a victim to the advertising world of what I need to buy to be HAPPY.
That their is a peacefulness and accomplishment in doing it myself.

{ homemade laundry soap}

Love this stuff, very easy to make and works great.
The other benefit of HOMEMADE laundry soap....
this is safe for our water ways
no toxins in these bottles
and that makes me smile !

{ laundry line}
Drying clothes out on a sun drenched clothes line has to be in the top 5 things I love to do .
I feel at peace with the world and myself watching clothes gentle blowing dry out side on the line.
Oh, yes it makes a huge difference on the electric bill.

Making bread helps me to return to one of the oldest arts of food.
The many kinds of bread and the science of bread making seems endless.

{rag rug}
My newest endeavor, making rugs using the tooth brush method. As many of you know I have a house full of fabric, so I like to use the fabric I most likely will never use in a quilt.
The old saying
Use it up or do without

{ blueberry pancakes}
home cooked simple meals for simple days

{homemade dog food}
I started making dog food more because of my allergies to the puppies.
The benefits has been amazing:
*the fat boy has lost a pound
*the skinny girl has gained a pound
*their coats look so much better
*my allergies are better
*less shedding 
but the surprise benny has been less waste our kitchen.
We save all left overs for the dog food.
I have read several reports that the average household throws out $30 worth of food a week. 
I am sure I have been guilty of this but no more. As long as I have used no onions, it is fair game for the dogs!!!!
This is a few things that I enjoy doing to remind me 


Jan said...

I just loved this post! Isn't it the truth? I've spent my quilting years acquiring fabric, and I know that I'll buy some pieces that are too beautiful to live without, but there is a lot of fabric on my shelves already, and it is so fun to pull fabric, play with combinations, and sew.
In particular, I really appreciate the part about advertising. Hopefully, this economic downturn will work to people's benefits in that we can realize what is truly important. I'm going to be thinking about what you've written.

Bonnie said...

I'm with you Eileen. I have too many things. I think I have enough fabric to last a lifetime, but that will remain to be seen after the rug is finished. It's eating up a lot. Love your blue rug. I reminds me of Denim. Thanks for the encouragement.


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