Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My Red and White is ready for binding...yahoo!!!!
I like to put binding on with my walking foot. This way I do not need to hand adjust feeding the material through the machine....in other words "it is a time saver".

It's odd to me but I don't usually miter my binding..{ guess I can just be lazy}, but I did for the Red and White.
Sure makes the corners easy and so Good looking. !

Those corners are lying PERFECT.

Bought these new gadgets in Cody for binding. I tend to be a GADGET girl.
They are for machine sewing the binding on, I am hand sewing the binding on this quilt.

One side is flat and one side rounded. It helps measure the edge of your binding so you can sew on a perfect binding with out running any stitches on the top of your quilt.
I will test it out on a smaller quilt to work out the kinks first and let you know if they are worth their pricey price !


Kyle said...

I've seen those clips and wondered how they work. Can't wait to see your fantastic quilt.

Creations by Dina said...

Oh I just love that red and white quilt. Can't wait to see the finished design!! You do such beautiful work!


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