Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Cars sit stranded and abandoned on South Lake Shore Drive near 12th Street in Chicago after the city's worst snowstorm. More than 500 cars littered Lake Shore Drive after the storm.

This is Lake Shore Drive in 1967.  What a mess, all these cars caught on the Drive due to blowing and drifting snow.

This is the  Drive February 1, 2011. Look familiar, yup 44 years later same problem Cars stuck on  Lake Shore Drive in another Chicago blizzard. The more things change the more they look familiar to me!

Afraid of being snowed in, Chicago area family headed out for groceries. This family, heading east of 79th Street in Chicago, brings home a large supply of milk.

I remember walking with my father and siblings to the store several days after the 1967 storm passed. We children had a GREAT time! Chicago was shut down for days and days. {check out Dad's boots}I , one had to be of hardy stock in 60's , No fleece lined boots back then. I bet he even had plastic bags wrapped around his shoes to keep his feet dry.
This is not  my family, though I remember my Dad hauling at least five of us 10 children on a 3-4 mile hike to the store up on Devon Ave.

All you Chicago kids enjoy the snow in the coming days. My older brother even jumped off the roof of my Aunt's house. I thought he was so brave ! Me, no I did not jump off any roofs, I am afraid of heights!


Julie said...

Great post Eileen. I had hoped to see a picture of YOUR family with the ropes tied around them. LOL

Kyle said...

Your families blizzard stories are wonderful. I love the rope story. Who got to be the leader?

Alica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog it's my turn to check out yours! :) My oldest sister lives in Chicago, and it sure sounds like a doozy...I can't imagine a blizzard in the city!
Say hi to aunt Alice for me!

Caitrin said...

hey mom,
It's been awhile since I checked your blog because you hadn't posted in awhile. It's 5 pm and i am still stuck at CSU doing work...decided to take a little break. Corbett and I are starting a blog. Will let you know when we have it up. Talk to you soon!
Love you.


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