Monday, February 21, 2011


Last week I spent most of my free time helping a co-worker get her 3 month old baby to take a bottle. And what fun I had!!!!!! 
 Who can't LOVE holding a beautiful baby that smiles and talks.

Yes Pretty is happy after her first bottle

Pretty, happy after her second bottle { note change of clothes, Pretty spits, forgot that burping thing}.

3rd. day. Pretty needed remedial bottle training. She decided that at home she would only be fed by Mom. She looks so innocent and sweet.  
Worked on me, my heart was mush.

A picture to prove to her parents that she can and will take a bottle!

Wish I had that leg power.

This little girl won me over hook line and sinker. 
{ I was secretly hoping Pretty would have to move in with me till she was on solid food. The puppies would of cared for her when I was work. They wanted to know where the squeaker was in her and kiss her non-stop}
Here is my baby, how the time flies.
I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.


Julie said...

Sweet pictures.

Caitrin said...

very SWEET. sweet sweet sweet. (note the spelling)


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