Sunday, October 4, 2009


Canning applesauce is easy and the effort is well worth the treat in winter. We like our applesauce chunky. so the first step is to buy large firm, crisp apples. you need alot because they will cook down.
I quarter the apples, then cut the core out. Then I peal them with a knife. You can buy all sorts of fancy apple cutters and coring devices, but I have found this the quickest and easiest to handle

Then into a pan with about 1.5-2.0 cups water, a little sugar and cinnamon. Heat till bubbling and let the apples soften till they can be slightly mashed.

Below is what a good consistency would look like to can. This is very hot so be careful!

Fill jars to about 1/4 from top. The jars need to be hot. I put mine in the dishwasher and sterilize. Leave the door closed till you need the jars.

Put the lids on, these will seal the jar post water bath. Then put on the rings, this holds the lids down.
Heat the water in the canner till you see steam coming out the small holes. I use a steam canner. A large water canner works well too.

Fill the canner with 5-6 jars, they can not be touching each other. Put canner lid on and steam for 25 minutes. You start timing when you see steam coming out the small holes on side of canner.
And this is the end product. You should hear the tops "pop", be sure to check all tops. Press in the center and the lids should not pop up and down. If it pops down and stays down, this is OK.
Enjoy great applesauce all year until the next apple harvest.


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