Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sister's Weekend

The annual 3 sister's weekend where pie making,knitting, coffee drinking and generally allot of home cooked food is made and eaten. A big change this year was the fact that Caitlin was not here to do the lion share of the cooking. That girl can cook and bake. Caitlin we did our best without you.
This year only 2 pies were made: a granny smith apple and one of the best lemon meringue I have ever made. Mary out did herself with the crust this year, light and flakey, wonderful. For some strange reason I only have a picture of the apple which I might say was delich. Oh and I forgot to mention the we did wear our aprons. Next year I hope we have our aprons with our names embroidered on them....Ellen....
Other than baking and cooking we visited the yarn store, Ellen and Mary had their hair cut, Mary a massage, Eileen went to an estate sale and bought some table clothes then off to the sustainable indoor market, long walks, good conversation over good wine and beer. The big thing we did not do this year was no eating out in restaurants. The Bean Cycle was visited twice for coffee and a pecan bars which as always was delich.
Of course the first spring snow storm decided to rear itself, it was beautiful but made for a slow laid back weekend. What is it about cold and snow that one wants to only find a quilt and lay on the couch watching a movie: the movies we watched ....Italian Job, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Patriot, and 3-10 To Yuma. 

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Caitrin said...

Look at Ellen in her Lobos sweatshirt...what a Fort Collin's mom. Wish I had been there. Miss you all.


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