Friday, August 1, 2008

The To Do List

I seem to be having trouble writing consistently on my blog, but what the hell no one reads it but me! I am a women who has too many things she wants to do and no plan to get them all done. Some of the projects/daily life habits I would like to accomplish are to finish about 8 more quilts this year, knit about 10 dish clothes, can peaches, pears, toms,beans and freeze zukes. Also I renewed my interest in getting allot "greener". Driving less, cutting plastic out , no corn syrup, cooking from scratch, bread making, soap making, sewing clothes....basically what my list gets down to is living like my favorite families I grew up with and raised my children on: The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. These families lived on less, reused everything but most important they new they were rich. Rich with family love, a home that they were wanted and needed in, where their opinions and ideas were listened to and discussed. They were a family that was a community!  Self Reliant!!! Of course I know these are TV shows and that the these lives were written out on paper, that real life does-not happen this way.. As we say shit happens. It is the bigger picture that these shows represented that intrigues me. I also know I live in a different time, but I can always continue to work to make my house a HOME where my children will want to come and visit, I can learn to listen more to people, talk less, give my opinion less, and try to live a little greener everyday. 
Which brings up the next question that has been on my mind ; what do I do with all the plastic bags I have, and what do I line the garbage cans with if not the plastic bags?  I know I could crochet a plastic rug to use up some of them, but it is the lining of the kitchen can that has me most dumbfounded. 

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