Sunday, August 3, 2008

No Spend - Greening Up- Birthday

I signed up for a challenge from Crunchy Chicken blog , No spend in the month of August. This is quite daunting to me. I can be a low spender but it seems the harder I try the more I find cracks in the foundation. Already I have eaten out with Mr.P. and went to an Irish festival with Mr.P. Maybe Mr.P. is the crack, no I can spend like an expert all by my self. All one has to do is look at my sewing room.

Things I have been doing to be a little more greener the past month:
- all water of out flower pots has been recycled water from showers or baths
-composting is up
-inside watering is from recycling of kitchen water.
-less driving, more biking
-only used the dryer once in July
-eating from what we have in the house and garden, plus left overs.
-last month savings am pleased with what the bank tells me.
- 18 hand knitted wash clothes

Today the Z. are coming over to celebrate youngest dghter's B day. She is 19yrs. Hard to believe that I am getting old, I mean that my baby is 19. She and Mr.P will be going to a movie this afternoon and then we are BBQing burgers and brats. Will also have some fresh green beans, bread ,tomatoes, motz. cheese with garden basil, and fruit or lettuce salad. I will make my famous chocolate cake and Fahey will be over to decorate it early afternoon. 

The rest of the week, weather holding( meaning no rain), Mr.P and I will be off camping and fly fishing up in the mountains. It will be nice to get out of this wicked heat here. As been 100+
here for several days now and above 90 for 23 days. I do not care for this kind of heat. kinda scares me with all the talk about about global warming, it certainly  appears to be happening.

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