Saturday, August 7, 2021


Alleys in my town

Picking these on the side of the road soon, for dying yarn.

     Holy Smokes, (and yes, I mean that literary), it is so smokey here my lungs and head hurt today. No outside, non, nada, nope, not today. I have to say, all these issues we are facing,(fires, environment, political, COVID, etc...) are beginning to wear on me, and yet their is really little I can do about any of it! 

On to things I enjoy doing. I am working on a (reproductive fabric) hexie quilt, all done by hand. I have not bought any fabric for this quilt... yet, and hope not buy any. Use it up or do with out! 

Canning season has started! Caitlin and I have put up 6 cases of peaches the past week, equaling 52 quarts! That is a record canning peaches for me. I hope to have pepper jelly done this week. Canned 16 jars of blueberry jam and it is over the top good.

I bought a new sewing machine! Yes, it is an antique hand crank machine that sews like a dream. I have a real soft spot for old sewing machines. 

Other things happening here at my house: sorting out photos, lots of photo memory making paraphernalia. I use do so much of this stuff and make loads of photo books, cards and invitations. The 'stuff' just kept making its way into my home and today I went thru boxes and draws full of stamps, paper, cute stickers, more paper, cutters, pen and stamps. I blame my obsession with collecting and playing with all this on the fact I went to Catholic Schools and we really did not have art class, I was making up for lost time.
Well, its all organized and now I want to start cropping again.

The last picture of Eric and the kids melts my heart. The three of them watching the lake and bobber for a fish to rise and bite. They had no luck on this trip, but sure did enjoy the experience.


Sarah said...

We were talking to some friends last night who were supposed to be heading out west for a vacation soon, but in addition to rising COVID cases, there was also an increase in cases of bubonic plague(!) and wildfires happening, and they said it all seemed like a giant sign saying "Stay home!"

The peaches look delicious. I'm a bit jealous that you'll have such yummy tastes of summer this winter.

Mereknits said...

So sorry it is such a mess out west. The fires are just so horrible and not even getting the attention they need on the news. Love your new sewing machine, it is a beauty! Enjoy and stay safe.

Kym said...

There certainly is a lot of . . . stuff . . . happening all at the same time. It sounds like you're making the best of things, despite all the . . . stuff. Those peaches look just divine! (And I learned to sew on a sewing machine very much like the one you've got. Enjoy!)

Mary said...

(ah, now I see the bubonic plague reference ;-)

I love seeing all the glimpses into your world, and sure wish I lived close enough to enjoy some of your canning ... peaches, tomatoes, and zucchini relish were what my mom always did and I never realized just how special it was to have "fresh" in January. Sending all my best wishes and prayers for rain!

AsKatKnits said...

I love this little slice (big?) of your world. The peaches look amazing... wow! But your quilt and that beautiful sewing machine. Incredible!

Stay safe!!

Karen said...

Oh boy the smoke. We had a picnic on Saturday, meeting some other people, and it ended up on a hill with so much smoke. I've been meaning to get a box of peaches. Those are some nice alleys, up that way. I have taken some cute portraits there. What part of the sunflower do you use for dying?? I have not heard of this, not that I'm a big dyer. And I must say, your "reproductive" fabric - that made me do a double take! :-D

Juliann said...

We are having smoke filled skies here too. I was thinking of casting on a new sweater since I cannot go outside

karen said...

I love your quilt and how it's from stash fabric. I've been trying not to buy yarn (but I do) and use up my precious stash!!

Jane said...

Those peaches look beautiful and will be a treat come winter. I have been making and freezing tomato sauce and tomatoes. I also made fifteen pints of bread and butter pickles. Summer's bounty. The quilt from the reproduction fabric is going to be a treasure. I did collect quite a few of those fabrics back in the day.


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