Monday, April 22, 2019


It's a busy month for us, April is. I celebrate a birthday, as does Betty! Then of course Easter landed in April this year. I must say, I think it's genetic that we totally suck at the bunny easter egg thing. I never cared for it when my children were young, always hiding a few chocolates and eggs in mason jars 2 seconds before kids came down the stairs. Yes, mason jars, I never had grass for the baskets, nor could I find them when needed, (the baskets I had from my childhood). Well, my daughter and her husband seem to be no better at this easter egg/candy thing. Note, no baskets, we had to dig up some old grocery bags! Poor Little Man here didn't have matching shoes and they were his sister's, plus his jacket was forgotten. He is such a good easy going guy, didn't concern him in the least.

The daffodills are blooming, not so much the tulips-yet.   I have been busy sewing on the Hospital Appliqué Quilt. This is a "Quilt Along" with Civil War Quilts. Love the history this blog offers and all the fun quilting projects. I'm behind (as usual), but I am good at catching up! I, also did some dying of fabric. This is the first time I have ever dyed cotton fabric, have much to learn and learn I will.
Also an apron was made with a sewing bee on down---to---earth. I have followed Rhonda's blog since she published her first post. So much great information!

Happy Spring
I think it may really be here!


karen said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Easter! the little one looking for eggs is just adorable :) Spring has sprung!!

Mereknits said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful. I am not very good with the Easter thing myself.


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