Monday, June 5, 2017

5 JUNE, 2017

Monday, Monday and another week in an air cast. I am getting use to this wench that has been thrown into my summer and I am grateful I can hobble around on the heel of the cast in the house, and I have a very FAST scooter, (something that I must use with caution so I don't spill off and break my neck). But, the small things, like taking a shower and sleeping with this block on my leg, well lets just say, it's not pretty. However, on the really bright side is all the knitting I am getting done. I finished ASHLEY shawl, am happy with it but not over the top, I am zooming away on a pair of socks and that is fun. This foot limitation thing may just be the perfect time to plow through some UFO's.
I am also as proficient sewing on a machine with my left foot as my right ;-}, who knows I may even learn to drive with my left foot, I have heard it can be done.
Little BB has been an absolute delight! Those one year olds, they just love life and all the new discoveries in their world. We took BB to the library to pick up some books for her and a long awaited book for me; CJ Box, Vicious Circle. If you like CJ Box this is a great read, I have read all 17 of his Joe Pickett series. I wish CJ would write faster...hehe. Anyway, BB found the play room after emptying the shelfs of books at her level and decided Grandpa needed ALL the stuff animal in his lap. Oh, how she worked dragging these HUGE stuffed animal over to Grandpa and it occupied her for a good 30 minutes. I am always amazed how very simple things will occupy BB's time and that those simple things occupying BB, occupy's Eric and I watching her, and we love it!
Group picture above is all the cousins and partners(but four), on my side of the family. It has been the first time since my Dad died that this many has been able to get together, so fun to see them all.


steph said...

is that really a wagon full of RHUBARB?!?!?!?!?! OMG!!! How lucky for you..... the foot on the other hand, not so lucky, but I commend you on finding the silver lining and adjusting to a slower like and more knitting and enjoying the simple things life has to offer. And I'm sure a few BB hugs are helping a whole lot!! Heal fast, friend.

Caffeine Girl said...

Such lovely family times at your house!
You have all my sympathy on the broken foot. I broke my leg, near the ankle, in 2013. I had major surgery. It looks like you escaped that part, but the recovery is slow all the same. I'm glad you have family around you to bring you cheer, tea, and knitting! Do take it easy so everything can heal!


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