Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well spring is certainly trying to burst forth, early I might add. I love Spring and the newness it brings, the wonder of planning the garden. Each year I say I’m going to plant more flowers, get that arbor for  pink climbing roses, more trellises , mentally I plan an English garden living on a high plain dessert. Seeing the problem I’m having, called water!  But every spring I plan it out in my mind.
Hopefully this year the laws will change out here regarding collecting rain water from ones' roof. yes, here that is illegal. However, being the renegade I am, I have been collecting rain water in buckets to water porch plants for years. But a rain barrel!, to water a vegetable garden, a dream hopefully to be fullfilled.
The pink bubble gum quilt has been sitting in a closet for….well years, I had children in grade school when I pieced this quilt. I put real cotton wadding for batting, started hand quilting and realized this was going to take longer than I had to live. I needed a small hammer to get the needle through that dang batting. I found the bubble gum pink quilt recently and thought I’m machine quilting this, not going to remove any of the hand quilting I completed either.
To my great surprise it is turning out beautifully.
I giggle thinking that this pink bubble gum quilt in 150 years will show up at some quilt guild show and the presenter will show it explaining this is an example of a quilter that just didn’t have the stamina for hand quilting! And why should she have, she had a machine right there, so she moved her chair over and went to work!
The baby sweater is Baby Kina, a great easy fun knit.
Our Longest Days, an amazing read. WOW, I am grateful that my life has been easy!
The Old Women knitting, just liked the picture….I can Identify with her,{ I may even have a certain likeness to her}.
Have a great week. Hope to post more often, but good intentions is just that….good intentions ;-}


Angie said...

I am so ready for sunshine and warm. Love that quilt---I have one too that I have both hand- and machine-quilted. :) That little sweater is adorable, and girl, it has been waaaay too long since you shared those sweet pup faces with me. :)

Alica said...

You're not allowed to collect rain water?! I guess if everyone did, the water table wouldn't be so happy, but boy oh boy that's a bummer.
Did you hear my Mom's coming west for a visit?

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