Friday, March 13, 2015


The computer is back! And I am taking a few classes to learn more what this bad boy can do.
yeah for me!
Today I tried a long arm quilting machine and I love it for basting quilts but not in love with it for quilting  quilts. First, I am not a fan of all over quilting, but most of all my back hurts too much leaning ever so over that machine. I like to take a break every 30 minutes or so when sewing to stretch out this  pitiful back of mine, when renting a machine by the hour, no breaks to be taken! Also from years of working in operating rooms my knees get really stiff from standing in place. So, the good news for my husband is, I have removed this from my "someday I would like to own a"……
I will send quilts down to be basted, for sure, for sure.

No new photos, I have to go and update iPhoto now, and yes I know how to do that, thank you Josh! 
Be back soon.
Spring is trying to break forward here in Colorado.


Angela said...

I completely agree! I was saddened by how all over quilting completely changed my most recent quilt. Lesson learned for sure!

Kyle said...

You never know until you try to see if you would like one of those $$$ machines. It's not my thing either.


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