Saturday, January 10, 2015


JANUARY, one of my favorite months, next to February. why you ask,  because i’m an obsessive knitter in the winter. january and february are the two months of the year, where i live, that i can layer on all the hand knits and not be deemed a crazy lady. is not cold weather the reason knitters knit?

happenings during the past week:
: soup making-beef barley
: toasting cheese in new toaster oven;-)
: date with my honey-wings and a beer...yum
: knitting- louise
: sewing- a new knitting bag { no pattern, from my head }. not just any knitting bag but one that will                    hold a sweater’s worth of yarn and instruments to complete the project. 
: fireside knitting with the puppies.
: photography- around town
                                                     how was your first week january 2015?


Alica said...

I'm sure this is a great time of year to have all that yarn piled on your lap. You amaze me with all that you create! I love that picture of the Colorado scenery, too. Yes, it's pretty here too, but sooo different!

Will G said...

I totally agree - I hate when I pile on the knits and it's not deep winter, and I get labeled as the crazy lady.


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