Saturday, March 15, 2014


the march winds continue to blow here on the front range. today not only wind but grey and low lying clouds infusing over the mountains. oh spring, how hard you are trying to move winter out  and drag summer behind you. one day snow, the next chirping birds hanging out on the back feeder.
but nothing consistent one weather way or the other.
so while these changing days are here, i will continue to cook comforting-cool weather food.
mr.p and i ordered a side of beef, local to be sure. a beef cow that grazed on the open northern colorado plains and then cut to our order. i am grateful for her, she is as my mother in law would say...delish....
our first meal was old fashion pot roast.
onions from the summer garden
organic carrots
homemade beef stock
and a new slow cooker.
braise meat, saute onions, garlic and carrots.
small amount of beef broth in pan to scrap up all the lovely drippings
then everything into slow cooker
pour more broth over meat and cook slowly.
to serve- boil and mash fresh potatoes
make rich gravy from broth that meat has been cooking in all day.
pepper and salt to please
forks in hand
and enjoy something

{enjoy fresh baked cookies with a warm cup of coffee after dinner}

tomorrow Guinness irish stew and soda bread


Kyle said...

Cold weather comfort food is always good. I made the Guinness Irish Stew yesterday with leftovers today. Delish!

Bonnie said...

Yummmm....this looks delcious. It's windy and cold here today even though the sun is shining. I'd like to taste your Irish meal as well. I love the photo of the ladder against the tree.

Alica said...

I'll be over for dinner! That sounds...delish!!


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