Wednesday, January 16, 2013


it is yarn along wednesday .....  yahoo !
i finished the whippoorwill shawl
however i can't share it with you because it is in the tub for a " really good soak ".
i was given directions on how to block this enormous shawl and have followed them to the T.
i love the shawl it is  beautiful.

i am now working on 
i joined the kal with
i have finished chart A
and getting longer needles to start chart B.

have not been reading too much lately. though i did watch the entire Tudor series on netflix while finishing my shawl.

the reason i put "what to do" in the title is that my identity has been stolen by someone who has been buying very expensive jewelry, car [ down payment ], and eating extremely well in europe.
i am considering closing the blog due this awful incident.
since they have my name i wonder if they have visited here?
has this happen to any of you?


Alica said...

Oh no! How in the world does something like this happen?!

karen said...

Lovely circular shawl!! Can't wait to see the one that you just finished as well. Sorry about your identity being used :(

Julie said...

I am so sorry!!!!! Do you know how it happened?

Kyle said...

No, and I hope not. I'm sorry it's happened to you. Some people are so dishonest!

tess said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this identity theft - that's the worst. Nothing like that has happened with me - do you use your full name anywhere? I think you'd be okay, but I would ask someone at your bank just to be sure.

Your Leaves of Grass is looking lovely, though - can't wait to see it finished!

Katie @ Lady Bird said...

What a mess - I do hope for a speedy resolution. The shawl is going to be just magnificent.

Lori ann said...

i'm so sorry to hear eileen, i truly hope it all gets sorted soon.

your leaves is looking beautiful, i hope it gives some comfort to knit!


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