Friday, January 4, 2013


my life with the dogs
yes stop rubbing your eyes...
sam and sadie are watching a bbc program.
the fact that they are sitting still and watching anything is amazing to me !

sadie had to turn away she knew their was going to be murder....
i loved that they were on the davenport with me, watching good flicks but most of all letting me knit.
puppies are trainable ;)

last sunday i ventured down to a big flee market in denver and came home with this.
how does that happen !

now i knew i wanted a hutch but i thought on sunday i would just keep an eye out for one checking prices. i really went to the market to look at quilts and vintage kitchen items.
{ i did buy an antique crib to come later. }
i walked past this lovely and thought yes that would fit in my living room and i like the design, but i drove down in a small car { i was 60 miles away from home }. so i thought keep moving eileen you are done casting a glance in that direction.
off i wondered through the market picking up treasures when i found myself back on hutch row. this time i looked at the price
i cleaned my glasses.
the hutch was pure maple wood in great condition.
i looked at the price again !
now another women was throwing her eyes on the hutch, as she went to look at the price i reached for the tag and took it down saying " i am so sorry but this is sold ".
the following day eric and i drove back to the market with our truck and brought home 
maple hutch ;)

and finally i am making diaper covers for a friend that just had a beautiful boy.
these are so environmentally clean , re-useable, easy to make and just darn cute

maybe i could use them on the dogs, then we would not have to press pause for our outside breaks !
{ the dogs outside breaks, i stay inside }


Alica said... scored big on that beautiful hutch! Good for you!

karen said...

congrats on the hutch adoption! I was just thinking I need some book shelves in the family room, but I need to convince my husband of it. Frodo watches tv sometimes too :)

Bonnie said...

You have been a busy woman. Love the diapers and your hutch is beautiful. That's a lot of storage. YOu might even be able to sneak some yarn in :)

Angie said...

Sadie and Sam are just adorable---Lovely hutch, and what a lucky woman you are to have found it :D

Anonymous said...

Hello. I found your blog through Sandra's. Your puppies look so sweet. I have a miniature poodle who has stolen my heart.

That hutch is beautiful. Congratulations on your purchase!

Andee said...

My grandmother had the same hutch! It is now at my parents alpaca farm in our showroom. How fun is that! What a great find.


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